BONITA – “Changing the way you explore!”

Bonita is a locally owned business located at the eastern end of our beautiful paradise – Antigua! We pride ourselves on being a family of caring, welcoming and dependable professionals in the transportation hospitality services industry and are committed to our motto – “Changing the way you explore!”. Backed by our network of taxi drivers, tour operators and staff, with over 20+ years of collective expereince, we offer a wide variety of transportation services which includes but is not limited to the following:

  1. Taxi Services (Airport Pickup, Beach Hopping, Bar Hopping etc…)
  2. Island Tours (Full, Historical or Personalized)
  3. Car Rental Services

At Bonita, we aim to please and our customers’ satisfaction, interest and safety are of paramount importance to us. This is evidenced by our fleet of  fully air-conditioned, properly maintained and WiFi-Ready vehicles.